What is Clear Toy Candy?

This video will give you an idea how we make our clear toy candy. While we don’t have a big kitchen like theirs or use an old copper pot, the end result is just as tasty!

We use many of the same molds that you see in this video. To see a list of available shapes, click here.

Caring for clear toy candy

Our candy can stay clear a few months when kept in a dry, cool place. Humidity and heat make it become cloudy much earlier.

Here’s an example of a piece we set in our window at the end of August:
The process of a clear toy candy piece going to sugar
Most of the time this window is open with less than an hour of direct sunlight coming in, and due to the dry climate it stayed clear for more than a couple weeks until a few days of rain came through. After those humid, rainy days the candy started to “sugar,” meaning the hard candy starts to become soft, cloudy, and sticky. After a month it had developed white spots, which may look like mold, but is just sugar.

Gift ideas

  • Get a large piece for a centerpiece, and then break it into pieces for all the guests near the end of the party.
  • Use small pieces for placeholders around the dinner table.
  • Put them in your Christmas stockings or Easter baskets
  • Give them as “thank you” gifts

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